Our Assistance

We use machine learning algorithms and data science tools that blend business understanding with quantitative analysis to support durable, faithful decision making. We are able to harvest a qualitative understanding of the drivers of business success through our data analytics services and convert this into an easy-to-use interactive model. We promise to follow a approach that embraces well defined project management and execution life cycles

  • Data Analytics

    The ever-increasing volume and types of data along with the interest to retrieve valuable insights for optimized operations, risk reduction, and revenue increase are encouraging organizations among the industries to use data analytics. By using advanced analytics like statistical algorithms, real-time scoring, predictive modeling, data mining. Organizations are anticipating future trends and customer preferences to take strategic business decisions.In Data2play we follow a around the clock approach that includes extracting and tokenizing the text, detecting term and sentence boundaries, tagging, parsing, and retrieving knowledge to your your business by combination of text analytics with advance analytics and machine learning, the sentiment trend can be predicted

  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning is crucial because of its vast number of applications and its incredible ability to adapt and provide solutions to complex problems efficiently, effectively and quickly This is the reason why Machine learning System are being incorporated to a great degree.

    Monitoring the social media, filtering out spam emails, automate your ad placement, and gain competitive intelligence by partnering with Data2Play

  • Computer vision And NLP

    Computers can recognize visual cues and retrieve information from them better than humans. Cutting Edge Technology is still far from the end goal of surpassing Human Vision, but we already have lots of commercially available applications that are helping out in these fields: Object Recognition, Image Classification, Image Segmentation, I&O Annotation, Word Classification, Text Tagging & Parsing, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition

  • Product Engineering

    Data Architecture is a necessity in analytics. Application development for analytics involves integration of data across applications and databases to ensure cross-functional teams benefit from the insights it provides. At Data2Play, our team of experienced employees can help the client in Rapid Prototyping of personalized analytics applications to suit their needs. We can also help our clients embed analytics in existing applications so that you don’t have to toggle between applications and standalone analytics tools

Data2Play uses refined tools like time-series analytics, natural language processing, and pattern detection techniques to enable clients to predict the next best decision for making growth in business. The recommendation engines and predictive analytics built by Data2Play can help businesses make decisions towards the growth.